FAQs - GrecoKits

CNG is a viable option in the long run when you have plenty of years left with your car to take full advantage of it. However, if you plan to get it, it is recommended to buy a comprehensive motor car insurance that covers the maintenance cost associated with it. Huge Savings 60-70% when compared to petrol,Wide spread CNG station network across the country and eco-friendly.

The engine doesn’t convert. CNG Kit enables the vehicle to carry out the function of running on two fuels instead of one.All petrol engines can be converted to CNG.The kit consists of a cylinder to be fixed in the boot of the car and other equipment to allow gas supply into the engine.

Yes, after conversion the vehicle can run on petrol whenever desired simply by changing the switch position from CNG to Petrol.

CNG Kit installed vehicle is at par with Petrol,depending on condition of the engine and quality of installation.

Greco CNG kits are safe and simple. They give years of trouble-free operation. They don’t require frequent servicing. Just like other fuels, it is advised to have regular checkup after every 1 year/10,000 Kms. Our authorised dealer should be consulted for the same. The cylinder should undergo hydro-testing every 3 years to check pressure tolerance, as per new GAS CYLINDER NORMS.

CNG engine works essentially the same way as a petrol engine. Most of the engine service requirements are similar to petrol engine like the air filter cleaning and spark plugs replacement on regular intervals for better performance.

Looking at the price difference between Petrol and CNG, the approximate saving shall be in the range of 60 % to 75 %. In other words, if the running cost per km in petrol is Rs.9.00, then in CNG it shall be in the range of Rs.4.00 per km. (Please refer to our cost calculator)

Greco CNG Kits are approved by ICAT/ARAI norms for majorly all vehicles of different makes and models after 2005, As per the law CNG Kit to be endorsed on the RC Book and Insurance mandatory.